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To achieve his goals, AGIDE uses two ways according the target group. 
• Informing area by fighting against poverty, misery and over population which are the main causes damaging the ecosystem. The targets the population and the poorest whose activities have negative effect on the environment. AGIDE proposes them new activities, new techniques, new technologies of work, helps them to be in groups in which it vehicles more its teachings and assistance 
• In schools by continual education through conference (meeting), by sharing distributing some magazines 
Poverty is one of the major causes that push people to exploit forests and other natural resources. They get from it necessary elements for their survival. To reduce the population rate from resources, AGIDE is for the promotion of activities that provide money (AGR). The main activity AGIDE offers is to cultivate mushrooms that can be sold. To that, he adds rice farming, fish growing, and breeding.  
AGIDE initiate the youth in the idea of self employment by AGR. It wants to develop at students, the idea of entrepreneurial in the agropastoral, agroindustrial domains and to help students to be self sufficient at the end of their studies by sure agricultural projects 


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