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The Non Governmental Organisation AGIDE intervenes in many development domains to teach the respect of environment at many of authors of development. 
- Management of natural resources 
Because of abusive exploitation of natural resources such as forest, water, the land by the populations that brings the idea of creating AGIDE, she wants to help the population to become actors of rational management of biodiversity. To help the population to become responsible of protected areas management, forests, racks areas of water and their immediate environment. 
- Biodiversity preservation 
AGIDE focus on preserving in-situ and ex-situ of threaten spices or rare. She collects and studies spices in way of disappearing or threatened of disappearance. The main biodiversity parts of forests are not known, the countless spices of unknown mushrooms which have unforgettable potential in curing eating (nutritive) and mystic. That is why she focus on collecting local mushroom, on Worthing especially those which are eatable to regress the malnutrition. It is the same for butter flies which represent the beauty of the nature, its fragility and integrity. In the same way, AGIDE focuses an the study of medicinal local trees to make the population to benefit their hilling virtues. Other vegetal spices most used like the Garcinia afzelii called thooth-curing are also in this program. 
- Foresting  
The incidence natural or artificial forest in the environment is very positive. This we can not manage the environment without forest. AGIDE focuses on standing up artificial forests, the assisted regenerating natural forest, of pollution. 
- Tourism  
To be competitive on the international tourism market, it is better to prepare a strategy which purposes amelioration (bettering) and diversification of products. The mushrooms, butter flies, lands, diversity population race, typical villages, cultural elements constituted of all that result from human activity (history, religion, believes, ways of life, all forms of cultural expression etc…) constitute touritic attractive worthen till nowadays (until present). It so urgent for AGIDE to develop a respectful and responsible tourism, contributing to protect natural spaces and to encreasement of outcomes in the local communities 
Spectacle de la danse de feu pour un groupe de touriste 


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