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AGIDE like to provide pure water especially to wells equipped of electrical pumps in the villages which do not have access of clear water with the purpose increase the health of the population by reducing sickness due to unclean water. Togo has 8 to 12 billions m3 of water in area and about 9 billions m3 of water in the ground. But this natural resource is inequally shared out in the space and time and is not entirely useful. Despite the Togolese government’s effort, argued by given and…………the proportion of water resource used is very low according to the available potential. In 1990, we have estimated less 30�f rural population has access to pure water, 65�n Lomé (the city) and 36� other urban centres. 
She likes to bring water for different farming. For AGIDE, the climate conditions constitute a decisive step to the success of agriculture and regression of hunger in Africa and in Togo.To solve this problem, a complementary initiative was introduced. It is an open-air well dug, equipped with an immersed electric pomp. The electric current is provided by a Diesel motor equipped with current alternator, corn grinding and cassava grinder machine for women. The water is therefore stocked in super tank. This is an innovation which delight women in lot. 


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