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Animals and vegetables form with man only one homogeny complex system. There is no wicked, useful or not. They are all honest craftsmen working in the world. The animal that eats another one and the one who is being eaten have their entire place in the process of life. We have to discover the world and its wealth. We have to discover the world and its wealth. We have the right to use them. But we also have the duty to let on part for our child and small children. 
“Development yes, but ecologic elements first, because the future environment is the future of man” 
For AGIDE, development should not be a pretext to neglect other living being. Today we could think that it is normal to see animals and vegetables disappearing from the surface of the earth for the benefit forming and towns’ expansion. The direct and indirect causes that provoke the disappearing of the animal species harm also, one who is responsible, in definitive. If we make our planet unliveable for anima, we can not escape it of living on it. For, although everything is done so that we forget, we belong to the nature and we are tightly linked to all living being which also belong too While destroying certain mesh of the chain, we are inevitably destroying ourselves too. 
The complex link that exists between man, animals and vegetables constitute much reason to protect them. We can build our houses and cathedrals; we can never create smallest grass or the humblest animalcule. We have to include their respect among the element of new humanism and transmute our arrogance into real sympathy of the nature.


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