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AGIDE focuses on biologic agriculture and in the less measure to the integrate management of the fertility. In the agricultural domain she is for family traditional breeding, watered agriculture, and mushroom cultivating. 
For AGIDE, the education on the environmental problems, the struggle against forestry and promotion of disable (length agriculture can not be well fulfilled unless in groups and villagers comity. Thus she is for villager organisation responsible in which she can better vehiculate her /his teachings on durable management of ecosystems. The environmental policy of AGIDE in the contact of the territory so that they will well understand the natural phenomena. Studding ………………not opened concretely when we assist these phenomena after a rain. For the same, the degradation or the maintaining of the soils fertility is shown by the state of the farm at the end of the raining season, just before the harvest. This will allow having farming organisation of clear conscious of environmental problems, able to make reasonable decisions, to adopt realistic solutions and applicable without major inconvenient 


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